Poker Scores — Your Way to the World of Valuable Rewards

4 min readAug 30


Our active users are well-known for Poker Scores (PS) and have accumulated many. We promised to tell more about what they can be exchanged for besides new Discord roles. Now it’s time to put some cards on the table.

What is PS?

PS is a new level of rewards in online poker. With more PS, you can participate in the further allocation of valuable prizes and grand offline events.

How to get PS?

The only way to obtain PS is to play poker on our website. Don’t worry, you’ll get them even if you lose. The good news is that PS now counts automatically. No more tables and manual recording! Moreover, now we have a PS leaderboard so everyone will see each other’s points. And this is just the first step in transforming PS into something significant and valuable.

Also, please note:

  • Participating in our Discord activities and Zealy campaign will no longer give your PS, but you will still be able to enter them to compete for the USDT rewards
  • The tasks from the Playing Poker section in Zealy will remain, so by completing them, you are fighting for USDT and farming PS at the same time

What about PS recorded manually?

No worries, the PS table is safe. We’ll transfer the PS you collected previously to the site once all players send their PokerDAO wallets. If you didn’t done this before, please DM @alexander_kae in Discord and specify your wallet.

What can I exchange my PS for?

Here’s the rewards list. This is by no means the last value PS will provide. We will disclose new benefits as they become available. But now we can confidently say that those who started farming PS before the others will get the most significant benefit!

  • NFT to the most loyal and active users (future benefit)
  • 20000 PS = Full House Discord role
  • 25000 PS = Four of a Kind Discord role
  • 30000 PS = Straight Flush Discord role
  • 35000 PS = Royal Flush Discord role
  • 40000 PS = Poker King Discord role
  • 80000 PS = your personal Discord role

Why do I need these Discord roles?

The higher your role — the more rewards and benefits you get.

High Card

  • Highlighting by color, separate display in the users’ list


  • All previous rewards
  • 5% discount when exchanging Poker Scores for rewards

Two Pairs → fill out this quick form to get this role fast

  • All previous rewards
  • 10% discount when exchanging Poker Scores for rewards

Three of a Kind

  • All previous rewards
  • 15% discount when exchanging Poker Scores for rewards


  • All previous rewards
  • NFT Whitelist spot


  • All previous rewards
  • Dedicated channel with the development team, an opportunity to ask questions directly, priority in technical support

Full House

  • All previous rewards
  • Access to Private Tournaments with a big prize pool

Four of a Kind

  • All previous rewards
  • Access to the training channel, the opportunity to get personal expert advice

Straight Flush

  • All previous rewards
  • +5% PS farming multiplicator
  • PokerDAO tokens to participate in decision-making processes

Royal Flush

  • All previous rewards
  • +7% PS farming multiplicator
  • 1 NFT for free

Poker King

  • All previous rewards
  • +10% PS farming multiplicator
  • Creating your personal role on the Discord server

What actions do you award with PS on the site?

Daily Tasks (reset daily)

  • Play first hand = 10 PS
  • Win with any combination = 10 PS
  • Win 1000 chips = 50 PS

Weekly Tasks (reset weekly)

  • Play 10/20/30 hands = 100/200/300 PS
  • Win with any combination 10/15/20 times = 100/150/200 PS
  • Win 10000/20000/30000 chips = 500/1000/1500 PS

Achievements (never reset)

  • Play 100/200/300 hands in total = 1000/2000/3000 PS
  • Win 100/200/300 hands in total = 1500/3000/4500 PS
  • Lose 100/200/300 hands in total = 500/1000/1500 PS
  • Win 50k/100k/150k chips in total = 500/1000/1500 PS
  • Collect Flush combination (once) = 3000 PS
  • Collect Full House combination (once) = 4000 PS
  • Collect Three of a Kind combination (once) = 5000 PS
  • Collect Four of a Kind combination (for each time) = 6000 PS
  • Collect Straight Flush combination (for each time) = 8000 PS
  • Collect Royal Flush combination (for each time) = 10000 PS

What other surprises does the PokerDAO team have in store?

In the following big announcement, we will tell you about the mint of 550 NFT at $52 each. Every NFT will give you PS farming bonus, early access to the new interface, and a pass to private USDT tournaments. Of course, we will gladly give away some of the NFTs to the most loyal and active users. And here, the number of PS is a great indicator of your activity.

Don’t waste your time, and farm PS now!




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