PokerDAO Newsletter #1

3 min readSep 7


The PokerDAO Team is here!

Work on the project is in full swing, and in this update, we would like to share the latest developments regarding PokerDAO’s progress and our plans for the future.

1. PokerDAO Development
2. Poker Scores
3. Community Expansion
4. Community Activities

💻 PokerDAO Development

Currently, our technical team is hard at work, focusing on improving the speed and stability of the project. Our goal is to significantly enhance the gameplay experience, bringing it to a level comparable to the capabilities of Web2 poker.

Regarding stability, we are reevaluating the architecture of the PokerDAO gaming platform. Ensuring uninterrupted gameplay in all situations, whether browser closures or sudden player exits, is of utmost importance to us. These enhancements will result in a more resilient system, minimizing potential player disruptions.

All of these improvements aim to provide you with the most comfortable and reliable gaming experience. Furthermore, we are developing new features, which we will unveil in upcoming newsletters.

Once this phase is complete, we will be fully prepared for the mainnet launch. This is a significant milestone because every player will experience the benefits of the updated platform while playing with real money. Our commitment to innovation and a focus on meeting players’ needs will create a space where everyone can enjoy fair and thrilling gameplay, and real money stakes will add excitement and new challenges to the mix.

🏆 Poker Scores

Last week we launched “Poker Scores” (PS) — a new system through which active players will earn unique points. This is our way of recognizing and rewarding your dedication to the game. The most diligent participants will have a chance to win valuable prizes. Details about these rewards and the criteria for recognition will be announced in the near future. We believe that this initiative will add an extra layer of excitement and motivation to the game. Stay tuned!

👀 Community Expansion

We are building an infrastructure designed for people with active communities, a significant number of followers, or just a large circle of friends who want to enjoy their time together.

So why not gather for a poker game?

PokerDAO offers the perfect conditions for this, providing the opportunity to create your own poker room in just a week. We invite everyone ready to try our product to contact us via Twitter DM.

The development of our product is primarily focused on user convenience. Therefore, the main question we want to ask is: What assistance from PokerDAO, besides the technical aspect, do you need in order to create your poker room?

We look forward to offering you a place to play and have a great time with friends or followers, sharing impressions and emotions from a poker game.

📰 Community Activities

We aim to enrich the experience of our community, so we plan to introduce various activities, from developer calls to joint tournaments and AMA sessions, where you can get answers to all your questions about our project.

We have many ideas, but we are also open to your suggestions. If you have something to share or propose, please don’t hesitate to send your ideas to us via Twitter DM or Discord. Together, we can create something truly remarkable, enriching the project with new and exciting opportunities for the community.

What other surprises does the PokerDAO team have in store?

In the following big announcement, we will tell you about the mint of 550 NFT at $52 each. Every NFT will give you PS farming bonus, early access to the new interface, and a pass to private USDT tournaments. Of course, we will gladly give away some of the NFTs to the most loyal and active users. And here, the number of PS is a great indicator of your activity.

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