PokerDAO Newsletter #2

3 min readSep 16, 2023


The PokerDAO Team is Here! We continue to share the very latest news about the development progress of our project. In this edition:

  • Partnership with Stax
  • PokerDAO Development
  • Tester Rewards Program
  • Community Activities

🔵 Partnership with Stax

PokerDAO is broadening its horizons by partnering with the Stax platform. This partnership is a significant step forward, offering Zealy users a wide range of new opportunities for activity and earning USDT rewards.

Now, Zealy enthusiasts will gain access to exclusive tasks, unlocking even more generous rewards. We believe this partnership will strengthen the community and enrich the daily lives of each member.


  • First, log into Zealy using your Discord credentials or MetaMask wallet. For maximum convenience, we recommend integrating your Discord and Twitter accounts to automate the process and eliminate the need to log in manually each time.
  • Next, navigate to the “Quests” section, where detailed instructions for completing each task are provided. Tasks can vary from performing a specific action to providing a screenshot as proof of completion.

We are delighted to welcome you at the onset of the collaborative journey of PokerDAO and Stax! Remember, this is just the beginning, and many exciting joint activities with this project await us in the future.

💻 PokerDAO Development

PokerDAO UI sneek peak

We actively monitor market trends and note the growing interest in Telegram bots in the gambling sector. In light of this, our product team is working intensively on developing a concept for poker adapted for the Telegram platform.

Last week, we focused on bug fixes: we improved the Poker Scores feature, ensuring that all data is displayed correctly, including the complete leaderboard (previously, only a portion was available).

Our plans for the near future include concluding a series of experiments to optimize the service’s speed and stability. Upon their successful completion, we will proceed with integrating the enhancements into the final version of the product.

Furthermore, in the coming weeks, we will launch pre-registration for those who want to open their poker room on PokerDAO!

Stay tuned!

💎 Tester Rewards Program

PokerDAO is in a phase of active growth, and we sincerely value the contribution of everyone who facilitates the project’s development, especially those who play on the testnet platform. We are diligently working on a rewards program for our devoted players.

In return for your support and active participation, valuable prizes await you (such as unique NFT collections) that will allow you to stand out among other players on the mainnet and showcase your dedication.

These rewards will only be available to those who have played at PokerDAO before the mainnet release, so now is the perfect time to register an account and start your journey with PokerDAO!

📰 Community Activities

We are focused on developing our community and are eager to offer our players even more exciting activities. We are actively working to improve Zealy, revising and updating tasks to allow even more players to participate and earn valuable rewards.

In addition, this Thursday, we launched a Twitter giveaway with an increased prize pool and duration. Remember, the giveaway will run until Tuesday, September 19, so take your chance to participate!

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